Digital Careers: Web Jobs That Will Boom In 2021

Digital jobs are among those who recruit the most with 170,000 to 212,000 positions to be filled by 2022 in France (Insee). In addition, their variety allows everyone to find the one that will match their skills, whether technical or creative. If you are one of the 93% of French people who are thinking about retraining, or even 21% who take the plunge, the digital sector is an avenue that should not be overlooked. To become a web professional, discover the different digital professions and find the one that will allow you to flourish.

Website design


Computer expert and multi-tasking programmer, the webmaster (or web developer) perform the technical realization and website development. He may also, in the long term, be responsible for maintaining the site. In the context of the increasing digitization of companies, the webmaster has become essential in all sectors of activity. It must adapt to the specifications provided in order to program the functionalities that meet the customer’s needs. A solid foundation in one of the different programming languages (HTML, CSS, PHP, JS, etc.) is an essential prerequisite. So if you have an appetite for web development and technology, this is one avenue to consider.

WordPress expert

In 2020, WordPress is used by more than 38% of websites, far ahead of its competitors. The market shares of the world leader in CMS (Content Management System) have continued to increase since 2011. Whether for e-commerce, a blog, or a showcase site, the WP expert is specialized in the creation, integration, and development of WordPress. Unlike the web developer, who can build a site from scratch, mastering web programming languages at your fingertips is not required. However, a perfect knowledge of WP, its themes, plugins, and updates are essential. If you are versatile, curious, and rigorous, becoming a WordPress developer and integrator is a profession of the future.

Mobile developer

The mobile developer or developer of mobile applications is a specialist in the technical realization of a mobile application or site. Thanks to his technical skills, he designs programs for tablets or smartphones. Directly in contact with the project managers and graphic designers, the mobile developer creates the requested application based on precise specifications. Good knowledge of the different mobile OS and a real culture of the mobile environment is necessary to practice this web profession.

SEO and web visibility

SEO consultant

A true specialist in natural referencing, the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) consultant is essential to increase the visibility of a site on the web. At the heart of the digitalization of companies, whatever their sector of activity, it is increasingly in demand. Its role is to use all “natural”, that is to say non-paying, levers to place its clients’ sites in the first position on the search results page. The SEO consultant must therefore have a strategic mind and be a force of proposal, whatever the SEO pillar mentioned: technical, net-linking, or editorial. If there is no university course dedicated to SEO, it is possible to gain skills with the help of solid online training, the secret to success then residing in practice.

SEO web writer

Initially, a producer of words, the job of writing content to feed websites and blogs increasingly require advanced specialization. A solid general knowledge, combined with a curiosity for all subjects and an excellent command of spelling are the basic qualities to become a web editor. If your retraining leads you more specifically to writing and mastering words, specializing as a storyteller or copywriter are avenues to explore. If strategy and project management appeal to you, it is possible to strengthen your SEO skills to be able to support clients in content management, like a real partner.

Website creation – Custom price estimate

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Visual communication and creativity

Graphic designer

The main mission of the graphic designer is to showcase a company’s products, services, or brands, through visual creations. Beyond the construction of graphic elements, he is responsible for defining and shaping the visual identity of his customers according to specifications. In addition to mastering graphic design tools (Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.), this profession requires great creativity. If you already have the latter, training yourself on the software mentioned is the last step before you start. The computer graphics designer, meanwhile, leaves more room for technical aspects, even if he remains creative. It is also said of him that he is an artistic designer.

Web designer

Turned towards the creation of web pages, the web designer aims to arrange the different graphic elements in an ergonomic way. Photos, font size, colors used, choice of pictograms: the web interface is its domain. A kind of web design specialization, UX design is the art of making the user experience as pleasant as possible (UX for User eXperience). At the crossroads of technique and creativity, this web business is in full development. Whether it is to become a web designer or a UX designer, as a visual communication professional, knowledge of software such as Flash, Image Ready, or Photoshop is inevitable.

Web and social media professions

Community Manager

The CM or Community Manager is the voice (and keyboard) of the brand or company on social networks (RS). Patience, strategy, and creativity are essential qualities for this SAR expert. Obviously, a perfect command of the French language and writing techniques is essential. Contributing to the visibility of its customers, great knowledge of the community dimension of the Internet and the particularities of the main social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.) is required. Its main missions are the animation and moderation of discussions and accounts of the brand, in relation to the activities of the company. If you like the fields of marketing and communication and you are very responsive, the job of a community manager is for you.

Social media manager

More and more present in communication teams, the Social media manager is a booming profession. As a digital expert, he defines and implements the company’s communication strategy on social networks. In order to optimize deployment, he takes care of monitoring and studies key performance indicators (KPIs or KPIs). Thus, in addition to an in-depth knowledge of social networks, rigor and a sense of method are essential to create, implement, and evaluate a clear and relevant strategy.

Digital communication and digital media

Communication Manager

At the heart of the company’s digital marketing strategy, the communication manager organizes communication actions. Whether by delegating to his teams or by carrying out the work himself, his primary objective is to promote the image of the company, in line with its objectives and the editorial line. For a true web communication project manager, it is essential to know how to work in a team. Ideal professional retraining for those who want a versatile job where autonomy is sought after.

Data Scientist

The data scientist’s mission is to analyze and convert data into “smart data”, ie knowledge relevant to marketing objectives. Its goal: to allow the company to communicate better thanks to precise information. According to INSEE, 28% of people working in digital, whose workforce doubled between 2009 and 2017, work in data analysis and artificial intelligence. Its extreme specialization, therefore, makes it a sought-after profile. At the heart of the database, this profession requires notions of statistical calculations, an excellent mastery of analytical tools, and great intellectual curiosity. If you also have a passion for mathematics, go for it! Whether your skills and interests revolve around code, words, or creativity, there is a web profession that is right for you. Take advantage of the good health of the digital sectors to carry out professional retraining which puts all the chances on your side.

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