The Best Digital Tools For Online Freelancers

Freelance activities require flawless organization. It requires simultaneously managing its customer relationship, its daily tasks, but also the administrative formalities related to freelance status. 

How to effectively manage the facets of the freelance profession? By using the right tools to increase productivity. 

Digitization, which is a key pillar for companies, is also for freelance activity. In this article, we have selected the best digital tools for you to boost your freelance activity.

Google Workspace

Google Workspace (formerly G. Suite) brings together a multitude of digital tools to support your activity. Some of the best-known tools include Google Mail, Docs, Sheets, Drive, and Meet. 

The Google suite allows you to take advantage of classic features to launch your business, such as the electronic messaging service, but other more advanced features such as dynamic file-sharing or videoconferencing to boost your business.


  • The Google suite offers more than 15 professional tools
  • Their Google account can be used on a daily basis for their non-professional activities
  • All these tools are available on an Android smartphone


There is a Free plan but you can upgrade to a higher offer of $ 4.60 to $ 13.00 per month (and per person) to increase your data and user limits on certain tools.


Calendly is a tool to facilitate appointment scheduling. From a web interface, you can directly share your availability slots and let your customers or contacts choose an appointment. 

Calendly makes it possible to avoid the exchange of mails and to make the appointment setting dynamic.


  • Calendly offers time saving in the organization of its schedule
  • The personalized calendar adapts to your freelance activity
  • It is possible to distinguish the appointments according to their importance


Free. Calendly offers an $ 8 and $ 12 offer to take advantage of features like integration with other apps, personalization of Calendly calendar and reminders, and faster technical support.


MailChimp is a mailing tool allowing you to send personalized mails to many contacts. The emails are tracked in order to follow related statistics, such as the open rate or the number of clicks on links. 

MailChimp offers a web interface to quickly create and personalize your campaigns, from the templates or from scratch. It also includes a Marketing CRM to manage its customer database and link the results of mailing campaigns to other applications


  • MailChimp does not require any design or marketing knowledge
  • Tutorials support you during the creation of campaigns
  • The free version offers up to 2,000 contacts


Free. The subscription price is flexible from $ 9.99 per month. The subscription adapts according to the number of contacts, emails to send and additional features desired such as A / B Test or campaign optimization.


Canva is an online graphic design tool that allows you to create visual aids like business cards, posters, or images. 

Canva’s catalog contains thousands of templates and elements that can be put together to create unique visuals that reflect your freelance business or that of your clients. 

Several file formats are available to save your creations and use them on paper or digital printing.


  • Canva helps you create your designs
  • Guides accompany you to idealize your visual identity
  • Easy export and save your creations online


Free. The plans at $ 5 and $ 24 per month (per user) provide more models as well as the integration of external elements such as logos or fonts.


WeTransfer is a tool that lets you easily transfer files online, and doesn’t necessarily require an account. 

It allows you to upload large files that cannot be transmitted by other platforms (mails), such as Full HD videos, computer code, or compressed folders. 

The file is stored on WeTransfer’s servers and can be accessed anywhere from a link.

High speed and low latency provide you optimal conditions for downloading and uploading files. A fiber optic box – FTTH – currently has the best performance to meet the needs of your freelance activity. 

However, you must be eligible for fiber to take advantage of these FTTH internet offers. 

An internet offer comparator allows you to choose an offer based on your criteria of quality, price, and services (with or without commitment, triple play offer, or even ADSL).


  • WeTransfer can transfer 2 GB of data in free version
  • The ability to enable single download and URL destruction
  • Running in the background


Free. The $ 12 per month offer allows you to increase WeTransfer’s limit to 20 GB per transfer and to encrypt and secure all of your data.

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