Honest Kibo Code Quantum Review (2021)

MUST-READ REVIEW: Facts | Expectation vs Reality | Bonuses ($6,752)

Have you ever dreamt about being your own boss and working from your comfy couch? Does the idea of managing an e-Commerce business raise your eyebrows?

Well, my team and I spent the last 10+ days investigating the new Kibo Code Quantum training; we studied the achievements of last year’s students, and now we’re ready to reveal our remarkable conclusions.


  • How & Why the Kibo Code Quantum works?
  • Are there any Extra Costs & Additional Investments required?
  • How to claim $6,752 worth of Bonuses (for FREE)
  • Why the Kibo Code Quantum (Unbiased Truth)?
  • Lots more!

The exciting insights we’ll be sharing are based on recent news revealed by the founders, industry experts, and real-life students of the 2020 Kibo edition. So today, we’ll be making reasonable conclusions about what you can potentially achieve with the Kibo Code Quantum“.

But now, let’s dive into the exciting part and find out if this program will actually work for you!

Shall we?

What Is The Kibo Code Quantum Program All About?

First things first, let me elaborate on what “Kibo Code Quantum” is.

The Kibo Code Quantum is an extensive training program that trains people to master a unique style of e-commerce to build, grow, and automate online stores.

In layman’s terms, the program centers on building and growing online stores that can be automated as passive income assets.

IMPORTANT: The Kibo Code Quantum training is being done LIVE; this means that any “publishers” or “marketers” who claim to be Quantum members and have already gone through the training aren’t being honest with you and should not be taken seriously.

The founders, Steve Clayton & Aidan Booth, revealed during the webinar training sessions that the 2021 Kibo Quantum is entirely new and is not going to be simply a “relaunch” or “reboot” of the first program.

Last time, in the 2020 edition of the Kibo Code, students had to use (and pay for) Shopify at $79.00 per month, and that’s without incorporating any add-ons or app subscriptions that come with Shopify.

This time, new Kibo Quantum students won’t need to pay for such recurring expenses—which is great, because it means you get to keep more money in your pocket.

What’s the alternative, then?

A New Sales Software Solution:

Steve & Aidan have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars last year building this software for 2021 Kibo Students to make running with this business model EVEN FASTER and EASIER for people.

Here’s the interesting part!

In the first iteration of The Kibo Code, the focus was primarily on paid traffic as the only essential element to quick profits with this business model.

This time, Steven and Aidan have put a significant focus on FREE TRAFFIC with Kibo Code Quantum. This means you’ll be taught in-depth how to drive targeted website visitors (for free) from Facebook, SEO, and other free traffic sources which will be revealed exclusively during the 8-week live trainings.

Steve & Aidan’s Goal with Free Traffic?

To help new students start making sales and generating Cash-Flow while sticking to Free Trafficwithout breaking the bank to get things rolling.

As a Kibo Code Quantum student, you will have an arsenal of Free Traffic generation methods and strategies that the founders have tested and perfected throughout the year.

But that’s not all

Even though the first edition of the Kibo Code was a smashing success! Steve and Aidan knew they could make the next version of the program (Quantum) better yet. So, they plugged away for months to ensure that Kibo Code Quantum was the best it could be.

Are you getting excited yet? Just wait till you see the bonuses ($6,752) we have for you in a later section!

Now, you might be wondering who Steve Clayton and Aidan Booth are, and what experience they even had prior to creating the Kibo Code system?

Well, it’s time to answer this question!

About the Creators: Steve Clayton & Aidan Booth

Steve Clayton is a veteran digital marketer and e-commerce guru. Throughout Steve’s tenure in the internet marketing and e-commerce fields, he has gathered a lot of research behind the relationship those two industries have together.

After all, both could not exist without the other in today’s technological day and age. 

After Steve helped lead a few large businesses, he opted to begin a new business venture with Aidan Booth. The tag-team duo crafted the idea for Kibo Code Quantum resulted from an unbreakable focus on the possibilities of e-commerce methodologies resulting in massive success.

Aidan has in fact crafted many blueprints to enhance organic traffic for eCommerce businesses, along with Steve Clayton. After Aidan learned about what ecommerce businesses need to boost their business and traffic, he chose to share the news with Steve Clayton, and they created Kibo Code System.

Once they realized the power of this system, Steve & Aidan decided to MENTOR and SHARE this knowledge with a select group of people in the shape of a thorough 8-week digital training course : “The Kibo Code QUANTUM

Steve & Aidan are also known for over-delivering and spoiling their new students with incredible bonuses ranging from high-end live events invitations, cash prizes and contests, to “all-access” passes to mastermind workshops and more!

And remember, that’s not all; at the end, we have some incredible bonuses to give away.

How Does Kibo Code Quantum (really) Work?

As far as we know, the Kibo Code Quantum is expected to match the same “core process” as the original Kibo Code program, which is based on a unique method that was repeatedly proven by the founders themselves and students.

➤ REMEMBER: With the Kibo Code Quantum, the whole process is focused on the speed of resultsprofitability, and logistics’ automation! This enables students to focus more on results and less on the minutia of running store-things like reordering from suppliers, shipping products yourself, and figuring out where to find ‘buyers’ online.

Interested parties should also note that there will be:

For anyone who missed out on the 2020 Kibo program, here is the full process:

  • Using the tools that the Kibo Code program has handy, you will obtain a generic website domain.
  • You’ll be fully assisted in setting up a store with a preloaded site and high-converting theme (which, with the software, gets installed in 60 seconds).
  • As a student, you’ll learn how to pinpoint profitable products using the new 2021 Kibo software (from a selection of about 3 Million items)!

Key Takeaway: The niche-market or product categories are not the focus – it’s the daily profitability (run rate) of the products you’re going to be interested in.

  • When sales are made, USA-based suppliers will deliver products directly to your customers.
    NOTE: orders get delivered FAST as they’re not coming from China, and you never touch ANY inventory or buy any stock upfront.
  • Lastly, optimize by keeping the most profitable products and eliminating the ones that aren’t! Then you will keep on scaling up, automating, and replicating the process over and over to identify additional winning products while simultaneously increasing profits.
  • Of course, there are some additional elements, too; however, this is the necessary process.

We know we’ve already covered a lot of information, so stay with us! We’re just getting started, and we promise it will be very much worth your time (especially when you find out about the game-changing ($6,752) bonuses and support we’ll be offering you, for free…)

That being said, before we answer a critical question: “Why the Kibo Code Quantum?” let’s first go over the 8-Weekly Kibo Code modules.

Kibo Code Quantum Modules & Training (Based on 2020 Version)

The founders gave us only a few hints about the course modules, and we are on the edge of our seats!

At this time, no one other than Steve Clayton & Aidan Booth has many clues about the fully-upgraded Kibo Code Quantum modules. For anyone who did not participate in the first version, Kibo Code, the following section can give you an idea of what was previsouly covered and what’s expected to be fairly similar.

Module 1:

This module gives you classified training revealing every step of the Kibo Code system. It is essentially your introduction to eCommerce.

The goals for this session include:

  • Ensure you receive all software credentials and that they are working properly
  • Decide on your store name 
  • Obtain your store’s domain
  • Set up all of your store’s contact info
  • Set up your payment processor
  • Sign up for training session for Module 2 in the member’s area

Module 2:

In this module, you get access to exclusive Kibo resources like Kibo Accountability Program, Contests, Kibo Kickstart, Kibo Live Event Information, etc.

And it’s also where you get live assistance to build professionally-looking shops that were tested and proven to convert cold traffic into consumers.

Module 3:

Steve & Aidan will give you here (at least) five tested and proven best-sellers to fast-track your success.

NOTE: EVERY Kibo Code member will have their unique products as part of the team’s Done-For-You service.

Module 4:

The machine is now running. You’ve started running traffic and seeing sales coming in.

It’s time to tune it a little and put your foot on the accelerator!

In this module, you’ll be extensively trained by Steve Clayton & Aidan Booth to learn how to mine for golden products and identify additional best-sellers from their curated list of over 3 million products – using the software suite you’ll have access to inside the Kibo Code Quantum.

Module 5:

This module introduces you to even more traffic generation methods to take advantage of the major search engines to get your products listed for the most profitable keywords without guesswork.

You’ll also learn how to efficiently optimize your listings and the secrets to get cheap clicks and instantly increase profitability, plus how to set up effective sales funnels and retargeting strategies.

➤ REMINDER: There will be a major focus this year on powerful Free Traffic generation methods!

Module 6:

This Kibo Code module focuses on extensively teaching you the art of product bidding and product research using proprietary tools and software.

What does this mean for new students? 

Well, this is incredibly helpful as it has been specifically designed to handle all the time-consuming and complex parts of the process to help accelerate your profits.

Module 7:

In this thorough module, you’ll learn everything there is to know about Email Marketing so you can build a loyal list of customers who will keep buying from you again and again.

You’ll also learn the abandoned cart email flow, new customer thank you email flow, newsletter email flow, and even a non-buyer’s email flow!

Why is this important?

Well, once this system is set up, it will help you keep capturing and re-capturing the attention of potential buyers/lost buyers!

News flash: The Done-For-You service (BONUS #5) you’ll receive involves my team and I taking care of all this setup work for you. 

Module 8:

In this week’s training, students will be assisted to re-optimize their best-performing listings (where most sales are coming from), access step-by-step videos to setup target, ROAS shopping campaigns (it’s an automated bidding strategy)…And of course, there will be more:

  • SWAT Support
  • Virtual Event
  • New Contests & Prizes’ distribution
  • “OM” → A Big new addition to your Kibo Code Quantum membership
  • Training updates
  • Live Q&A sessions


Modules 1 through 8 were just the core modules to get you up and running, meaning, at this point you should have a profitable e-commerce business that brings in daily profit!

That said, you’ll be receiving invitations after Module 8 for expansion modules, where Steve and Aidan will be offering new training, techniques, consultationsupdates, and strategies to skyrocket your business and your profits even higher. 

So now you might be asking yourself a bigger question: Why should I invest in this course instead of putting all my resources toward getting started selling? 

And here comes the critical question:

Why the Kibo Code Quantum? (The Truth)

Whether you’re familiar with the e-Commerce business model or not, you would know that sales WON’T just happen right away if you’re just starting; sales take some time, right?

Here’s the thing…

Before you build your first store (even if it’s not hard with the step-by-step training, supportguidance, tools & software Kibo students have access to), you still have to accomplish many tasks first before you start selling products.

And this is where people run into trouble…

You have to either crack the code yourself (and this can easily take months or even years) OR, have someone who is already in the trenches to hand you their proven blueprint, software, and instructions on “what to do,” “how to do it”, “when to do it” etc.

➤ Question is:

How do you make the whole process easier on yourself?

Well, the Kibo Code Quantum essentially paves the road to success as long as you are willing to DRIVE DOWN THAT ROAD.

The Kibo Code Quantum is the system that can take your new e-commerce business to impressive heights if you let it. However, if you try it and it does not work for you, or there is another reason you are unsatisfied, you get a full refund within 30 days.

So honestly, this sounds like a fair deal! I mean, it can’t hurt, right?

You have nothing to lose!

As per Steve Clayton:

“I believe the reason behind our students’ massive success is that we flat-out challenge them to use The Kibo Code system, complete the workshop training, go through the step-by-step videos, all the manuals, the resources, the tools and software we’ll provide, tune in for the live shows with us and connect the dots with a few simple actions, and if for whatever reason they aren’t satisfied or seeing amazing results within 30 days, we refund every penny of their small investment! says Steve Clayton, Co-founder at the Kibo Code Quantum.

Are you convinced yet? Before you decide, let’s take a moment to go through some of the many PROS and, because we want to be 100% transparent with you, the CONS as well—of the Kibo Code Quantum.

Kibo Code Quantum Pros & Cons


  • Easy To Learn: It’s comprehensive so you have all the tools you need to learn e-commerce. The founders give live training and are always available for questions, plus every training session will be available for replays. 
    ➤ Past students reported that all the training inside the program is so comprehensive that you don’t even need industry experience!


  • It’s Supportive: Kibo supports its students in so many aspects; from live coaching calls, to permanent mentorship, to the Kibo Academy and 24/7 support desk, to all the tools that make setting up your shop a breeze. 
    ➤ They even support people who don’t feel this is for them by offering a 30-day money back guarantee!

  • Easy To Manage: Kibo program takes all the hassle out of managing a profitable e-commerce business since Steve & Aidan structured it so that aspiring online business owners don’t have to deal with suppliers, shipping, or even direct customer service.
    ➤The program has a plethora of reviews and former students who vouch for the ease and integrity of the training and curriculum.


  • It’s a Life-ChangerKibo Code is focused on Results-Driven Training Systems that you can leverage to earn big from e-commerce if you’re willing to put in the work (Especially during the first 4-weeks).
    ➤ Former students have even mentioned being able to ditch their 9-5 jobs and just do the online retail full-time!


  • The founders have disclosed that they’ll have to close enrollment in the Kibo Code program if it fills to capacity, to guarantee top-notch mentorship to all new students.
  • Earnings may not start right on Day 1.
  • The price may be a concern for some people, especially students.

Kibo Code Quantum Price & Discount

The program’s cost is $3,497, but only if you pay for the program in one lump-sum payment. If you cannot make the one-time payment, you can opt for the installment plan, which is four monthly payments of $997.

What about the Discount?

Wait that doesn’t add up to $3,497!! That’s right. It doesn’t. This means that if you opt for the payment plan, you don’t receive the instant discount of $491 and will pay the full $3,988 price for Kibo Code Quantum.

So what’s my point? Well, since there won’t be any surprising costs (Apps, Paid Software, Ads…), and now the program offers unique FREE traffic generation methods, you should go for the one-time payment if you can. It just makes sense.

Is There a Refund Policy With Kibo Code Quantum?

YES! There is a 30-day refund/money-back guarantee for Kibo code quantum members, so there truly is zero risk for those who want to try it out, but are not 100% certain if it’s for them.

Kibo Code Quantum Review & Bonuses

Ok, so should you join Kibo Code Quantum? Absolutely!

I mean, if you have the budget and are willing to put in the work to make it happen, I genuinely think it’s a brilliant opportunity.

➤ Here’s the thing:

When you learn from the Kibo code program, you learn from two of the best e-Commerce minds in the business who know how toconnect the right people to the right products at the right time, and that’s a very profitable skill you can learn from this program.

I’ve seen a TON of proof and believe me, I don’t easily trust marketers.

As you know, I’ll get credit for the sale if you use my link to join (at no additional cost to you), but I am not offering any worthless bonuses as others do. I’m talking about bonuses that range from outdated eBooks to illegal (pirated) courses around different online business modelswhich will undoubtedly put you a million miles away from the KIBO program itself.

Those bogus bonuses lead to procrastinationoverthinking, and ineffective strategies and should be avoided at all costs!

EVERYTHING you need to master is in the central Kibo Code Quantum system.

Everything else is redundantdistractive, or not something you should worry about until you have created a profitable, money-making webstore

Don’t you agree?

What I can offer you, though, along with my custom bonus package (below), is my help implementing the program. I have to say, I’m not an e-commerce specialist like Steve or Aidan, but I specialize in building exposure online; that’s why you’ve arrived at my site.

➤ I think you’ll agree with me on this, too:

Whether you are experienced or just starting out, the BEST bonuses you can receive to help you 100% achieve even higher and faster results with the course, HAVE to be related and complementary to the Kibo Code business model. Right?

Time To Get Your BONUSES ($6,752 REAL VALUE)

Quick disclaimer: To be fully transparent with our readers, we may receive a compensation if you decide to join the Kibo program through the special links on our site –  at no additional cost to you.

So on top of the bonuses (below) you’ll be getting from Steve & Aidan, I’m excited to be able to offer you a few irresistible bonuses of my own. Each will certainly help you achieve better and faster results from the course. Ready

Here they are:

Table of Contents

BONUS #1: Free On-Going Support & Assistance!

($2,500 Value)

What makes this bonus so special?

Instead of having to do everything by yourself, you’ll have my full support implementing every step of the training until you MAKE IT HAPPEN.

You’ll be receiving unconditional support and assistance from me (an internet marketing expert), whenever you need it, to help you make your whole investment back from Kibo Code Quantum and secure a highly-profitable e-Commerce business. In other words, it’s almost a guaranteed success!

Meaning, if you get stuck along the way and need any help, feel free to shoot me an email for the first 3 months, and I’ll be more than happy to help you in any way I can!

BONUS #2: Coupons ($250) For Google Ads & Microsoft Ads

I will get you $150 of Free Ad Credit on Google Ads, plus $100 Microsoft Ads coupon that you can redeem whenever you want.

BONUS #3: Internet Traffic Academy

($1,997 Value)

I’m ALSO giving you full access to “Internet Traffic Academy” by my good friend, Vick Strizheus. 

In this workshop-style training Vick will teach you how to become a marketing machine, using specific techniques to get massive, targeted website traffic; build a large hyper-responsive list; convert leads into SALES; build your own tribe and dominate in your marketplace.

This is an epic, thorough training that will undoubtedly build you up for EVEN MORE success with the Kibo Code Quantum mentorship program.

BONUS #4: Personal Coaching Sessions!

($1,000 Value)

Get 3 personal coaching sessions with me! We will set up 30 to 60 minute Zoom or Skype calls so I can review your store, all the set ups, and traffic strategy once it’s up and running, OR just answer any questions you may have for our calls! 

(LIMITED availability for first 20 buyers only)

Email me here or: [email protected]

BONUS #5: 13 Custom Done-For-You Email Sequences - $500 Value

In this bonus, my editorial team & I will write you custom email sequences as relationship-building assets for your business, and show you how to easily integrate and automate the whole process from your store’s backend.

This alone will help you convert your current buyers into “lifelong fans“, meaning they’ll be motivated to continuously buy products from you, instead of one-and-done.

➤ FACT : Businesses routinely see their profits increase tenfold when they achieve this.

BONUS #6: Webstore Traffic Mastery

($499 Value)

In this bonus, I’ll share with you proven strategies and practical steps you wouldn’t want to miss that you can immediately implement in your store to leverage the power of Organic Google and Bing search traffic to rank high and drive thousands of (targeted) webstore visitors – potential customers – to your product pages without paying a cent!

But wait – there’s more:

So, when you enroll in the Kibo Code Quantum, you’ll immediately qualify to get even more bonuses from Steve and Aidan themselves, which are described below:

    • Bonus 1: The Secret Live Mastermind (Original price $4,997)
    • Bonus 2: Kibo Code Live Recordings (Original price $3,997)
    • Bonus 3: 7-Figure Scaling Secrets (Original price $4,997)

Well, my friends, we have had a long journey through my Kibo Code Quantum review.

I hope you understand the opportunity that stands before you and take it seriously. You get to be part of something special that could change your entire life!

That being said, I’ll be thrilled to support you as you take the whole program into ACTION. My goal is to save you time, effort, money, and make things easier for you.

Quick disclaimer: To be fully-transparent with our readers, we may receive compensation from you joining the Kibo program through the special links on the our site.

>>So here’s what you do: Sign up for The Kibo Code here, then EMAIL ME with your receipt # (or a screenshot) and I’ll be glad to share with you my exciting bonuses and contact info!

You do actually need to click on my link or the green button right above to give me the affiliate credit to get all the bonuses.

Talk soon and if you have ANY questions, please let me know by leaving a quick comment below!

Chris Glendon.


  1. About to purchase using your link! And I agree that sometimes bonuses will lead to procrastination and distraction from the program itself and driving traffic is probably in my top three most important things to do with e-commerce and building my business online I’m relatively new to this so any help I can get I’ll get and take it with the much appreciation

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