A List of Trending Products To Sell Online [2021 Edition]

To succeed in the world of e-commerce, you need 3 ingredients: profitable products that generate excitement, the skills to promote them, and the will to succeed. 

The winning mindset, you already have it. You are constantly learning, improving your skills, and preparing yourself for success. But finding trending or popular products to sell online is always a big challenge.

That’s why we update this list every year to help you discover new ideas for innovative products.

We present to you below a list that brings together the 12 trending products of 2021, which could easily turn into new business ideas, or which could very well sell in an existing e-commerce site depending on the niche where you operate. . Since each hot product we share is aimed at a different audience, we also share niche-specific tips to help you reach new prospects.

The trending products on this list have some of the highest transaction and order volumes on Oberlo and AliExpress. As soon as you find a product that piques your interest, know that you can add it to your Shopify online store with just a few clicks.

💡 Note All of the trending products on this list can be found in Shopify’s dropshipping marketplace, Oberlo, which is available for free to all Shopify online store owners.  

Selling in 2021: Products and Trends to Watch

1. Pet beds

trendy animal bed

Looking for a trendy product that pet owners would buy with their eyes closed? This kind of pet bed has made its way to the top of the sales charts. 

According to Google Trends, the keyword for this product (“dog bed” in English) has seen strong growth in search volume, recording in the English-speaking market more than 234,000 searches per month. In the same vein, the keyword relating to the “cat bed” also arouses a considerable volume of interest, with 60,500 monthly searches.

google trends product bed

If you run an online pet store, you can promote and sell this original product on visual platforms like Pinterest and Instagram. 

On Pinterest, you can join collaborative boards that would allow you to promote this trending article to a larger audience. On Instagram, you can collaborate with community pages related to pets so that you can be mentioned in a post or story. 

By following the latter strategy, your product could be discovered by a much larger audience, especially if you are just starting out.

2. Covers & slipcovers for sofas

trendy sofa cover

These kinds of convenient products are very popular among parents and pet owners, as well as among owners who rent on platforms like Airbnb.

For guests, sofa covers and covers help ensure a high standard of cleanliness for all guests, and it is always easier and cheaper to replace a cover than an entire sofa!

google trends cover

Not only does Google Trends show a noticeable increase in searches for these products that are selling well in dropshipping and online, but Statistia also estimates that the sofa and armchair market will see an increase in business volume in 2021. Data from Statistia also show that the market will continue to grow until 2023, making covers and covers for sofas and sofas a trending product that will sell very well at least in the next 3-4 years.

For your marketing efforts to audiences made up of parents or pet owners, Facebook and Google will often prove to be the channels with the greatest reach. 

But if your strategy is to target hosts who rent out their property or real estate, you should integrate geolocation into your acquisition strategy. 

For example, rentals in cities in the Paris region, seaside towns, or even student towns are in high demand, which could guide you in creating personalized audiences on Facebook and other platforms if you are looking to target active hosts on Airbnb.

3. Minimalist jewelry

trendy necklaces

More and more people are looking for sophistication in their daily life. As a result, minimalist jewelry recorded strong sales growth in the jewelry market. 

We even see on Google Trends that consumer searches for this type of jewelry trend have increased and become more frequent. 

But despite an annual growth of 2% expected until 2023 for the jewelry market, an overall decrease in the number of jewelry stores has been recorded in recent years. Since demand exists and competition eases, selling minimalist jewelry online could prove to be a profitable project idea for an entrepreneur looking to start a business or add a trending project to their already established business activities.

trendy minimalist jewelry

To promote current trending products like the minimalist necklace shown in the image above  (and available on Oberlo), the best customer acquisition channels will typically be Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook. 

An easy way to add weight to your store’s presence is to create videos that showcase your products. As videos tend to take up more space in the Find and Explore sections of Instagram, your posts will benefit from more visibility. 

Also, knowing that most jewelry retailers limit themselves to posting product images, you will gain a major competitive advantage if you put in a bit of effort to create videos.

4. Beard straightener

beard straightener trendy product

Men’s grooming products are starting to be one of the most profitable markets around. In 2018, Statistia valued this market at the US $ 60.6 billion, and it is expected to reach 81.2 billion by 2024.

Overall, the male beauty market is full of opportunities, although one product, in particular, is selling better right now: the beard straightener.

Not only is Google Trends showing an increase in demand for this trendy accessory, but there are also 37,000 searches per month for the keywords of this buzz product that is the beard straightener. It is certainly one of the best trending products to sell on the Internet or in point of sale.

google trends straightener

To make this beard straightener fit into the bestsellers section of your store, consider using a combination of Google Ads ads to target high intent to buy keywords (eg ‘buy beard straightener’), and SEO-optimized content to target more informational keywords (eg “how to straighten a beard”). Or if you prefer, the informative videos could do the trick as well, and hopefully, even go viral.

Educational content brings a lot of value in this product category since as market demand increases so does the need of customers looking for advice on how to care for their beard with these new accessories.

Try to answer common questions with your content, like “what kind of comb to use for your beard,” and you’ll often be rewarded with qualified organic traffic.

5. Tight clothes

breathable tight clothing

The tight-fitting clothing niche promises to be one of the most stable niches for creating an online store.

For the third year in a row, this category has earned a place in our annual list of trending products for sale. Sales of the tight-fitting clothing market are expected to reach $ 5.6 billion by 2022. What started out as underwear has become an everyday item to wear.  

The owners of online fashion stores have thus started selling leotards and leggings of all styles that allow them to display a slim silhouette. 

The bodycon clothing niche today offers women a plethora of fits and styles to choose from, and can be worn in a variety of ways to form matching outfits (e.g. under warmer clothes, like tops, etc).

Naturally, these articles of clothing are still very popular in the lingerie industry where they originally emerged.

google trends tight clothing

The strength of this range of products is its versatility – which offers great flexibility to e-merchants. 

Whether you sell lingerie, fashion items for women, or want to offer this category in your general clothing e-store, you will be able to find tight clothing of all types and offer enough models, styles. and sizes to meet the diverse needs of your customer base as a whole.  

Also, be sure to consider this sub-category of trending products, the high waisted skinny clothes shown in the image above and available for dropshipping on Oberlo, which recently saw more sales (over 6,000 in January). 2021).

In addition to having a cut without buttons and without any zipper or Velcro, they also allow you to visibly refine the silhouette of your customers.

6. Backpacks

trendy product bag

Backpacks have already positioned themselves in recent years as some of the best products to sell online. But recent data shows they are now the top sellers on the internet, especially the multi-functional backpack shown in the photo, which dropshipping well on Oberlo. 

As Google Trends shows below, the demand recorded through searches has increased year on year, with recurring peaks around August. Statistia estimates that sales of backpacks will increase from US $ 19.1 billion in 2021 to US $ 22.5 billion in 2023. It is therefore very likely to see this type of product in the top sellers and trends over the years. years to come.

google trends bags

Customer targeting will depend on each avatar: backpacks for children, for high school or college students, or for adults. 

If you are going to sell backpacks for kids, your marketing will need to be aimed at parents. Ads on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest are still the best ways to target parents.

Be aware, however, that during the start of the school year and other similar occasions, the costs of paid advertising increase sharply in this market due to competition from marketing campaigns from other companies. By planning to launch your online store and product before school starts, you could see a net increase in sales.

However, if you’re primarily selling to college students or adults, you’ll need to target them directly with Instagram ads, or through sponsored influencer posts. Backpacks for non-student adults aren’t really subject to seasonal fluctuations, so they can be a product trend that can last all year and prove to be a hit.

7. Post-workout massage gun

trendy accessory massage

Massage guns are portable massage devices intended for use after a workout to relax and relax muscles. Even though massage guns are still relatively new, there has been growing interest since last summer. 

This craze continued even after Christmas, and massage guns are well on their way to becoming trending products for sale in 2021.

google trends massage

To make the most of the potential of this innovative product, video marketing and interactive advertising on Instagram will be your best distribution channel. 

Targeting niche Instagram hashtags will be one of your best sources of customer acquisition. 

The reason: A growing trend among fitness gurus and freaks alike is to share anything exercise and recovery related, including workout tips, routine videos, and even what’s in their pack. sports – their followers want to know everything!

Collaborating directly with influencers on Instagram could be another lucrative sales channel. 

Mentions in their stories or in the comments of their posts could help generate new sales. For example, there are certain niches in the fitness market that you could focus on, such as marathons, strength training, or CrossFit, so that you have enough opportunity to demonstrate the benefits of massage. sore muscles.

8. Checked sweatshirts

trendy product sweatshirt

The checkered pattern has evolved from a passing fad to a timeless and still relevant style of dress. Although the clothing sector is a particularly competitive market, this niche remains an option with high potential for profitability for entrepreneurs who wish to create a clothing brand. 

Over the past few years, Google Trends has shown a steady increase in consumer interest in the plaid dress pattern, which has clearly positioned itself as a trending niche.

google trends sweatshirt

In order for the sale of the plaid sweatshirts to be a lucrative project, it is best if your marketing is very specialized. Relatively low search volume shouldn’t deter you from relying on organic search traffic to drive sales.

The difficulty of the keywords related to this product is rather low, which gives new players in this niche a lot of leeways to appear in search results and create a best-selling product for their business.

9. Smartwatches

bluetooth smart watch

There are around 1.2 billion watches that are sold each year around the world. And that number keeps increasing. The past year has seen a rise in the popularity of minimalist watches.

In 2021, smartwatches are sure to take over.

It is usually during the month of December that watches sales peak.

And while it is quite possible to continue to generate a decent sales volume throughout the year, it would be better to bet on complementary accessories to support your sales during the other months.

trendy smart watches

Facebook and Instagram tend to be the most effective channels for setting up an online watch store. Several merchants collaborate with influencers asking them to take lifestyle snaps when they travel – and usually, the beautiful settings and landscapes make for inspiring images to share on social media.

You could open your e-commerce site in record time by starting to sell the Bluetooth smartwatch shown in the image above (which Shopify merchants can find dropshipping on Oberlo), which comes with a device. built-in photo, sound recorder, step counter, sleep analyzer, calendar, and more.

10. Baby carrier

trendy baby carrier

A recent product that is popular in the parenting market is the baby carrier. Since strollers are bulky and cumbersome, some parents opt for more compact strap baby carriers to carry their newborn baby for a few hours. 

Google Trends shows that the search trend for this convenient product is steadily increasing. If you want to sell that sought-after product that displays a validated demand, consider acting quickly.

google trends baby carrier

To showcase this successful dropshipping product in the parenting niche, you should turn to Instagram and Facebook again. 

If you want to explore other sales channels, consider selling on Amazon or listing your product on Google Shopping, although it should be noted that these marketplaces will take commissions from every sale. 

You could also deploy offline marketing initiatives based on distributing flyers to groups of qualified prospects, for example as part of a group meeting organized for new parents in your city.

11. “Mesh” shoes

trendy product shoes

Mesh shoes have so far seen a boom in the running shoe category. But it is now one of the best-selling product categories in the athleisure niche: stylish mesh shoes are now worn daily and are no longer just for sports.

Mesh shoes for women and men are among the bestsellers of the past two years, and all signs are showing that they are well on their way to becoming a trending category for 2021.

google trends shoes

This type of trendy sports product sells best through visual platforms such as Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook. At the time of compiling this list, cost-per-click bids for mesh shoes were around the US $ 1.20.

If you choose to target millennials with your marketing by following the athleisure niche practices, be sure to collaborate with influencers as this is the easiest way to promote a new brand’s products to them. this generation.

In comparison to most other athletic products, mesh or mesh shoes can appeal to a much larger audience. For example, you could focus on the baby boomer generation or the post-baby boom generation to target older consumers who are looking for comfortable shoes to walk on while on vacation. Or, you could target staff at food companies where employees work standing up most of the day. 

In summary, there are many audiences to test when it comes to selling mesh shoes. You have everything to gain by carrying out a competitive analysis or a SWOT analysis of the market so as to identify the best way forward.

12. The “athleteisure” trend

yoga leggings sale 2019

Trends are constantly changing in the fashion world. But the “athleisure” trend is clearly here to stay. That’s why we included it for the third time in a row in our annual list of hot products and trends.

The athleisure trend is the result of the phenomenon that has converted sports outfits – which today are no longer reserved for the practice of sport – into stylish city outfits in their own right.

In this category, it is possible to sell all kinds of clothing items in countless different colors and styles: sweatshirts, joggers, leggings, sports bras, tank tops, headbands, capris, shoes, and so on.

You could position yourself in this niche in several ways: by creating a specialty store, by offering a new category in a more generalist fashion store, or by promoting your items in a fitness sub-niche of your choice.

Depending on the positioning of your brand, you may also be able to expand your business at a later stage by offering other complementary products, such as fitness accessories (e.g. yoga mats), fashion accessories, or even jewelry.

athleisure google trends

Millennial women generally represent the target audience in the athletic niche. 

Visual platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest are obviously the perfect channels to promote a brand in this niche, whether through an organic approach or through the distribution of paid advertising campaigns on these same platforms. 

Also, consider accelerating your growth with influencer marketing.

You will be able to find many influencers passionate about fitness in your niche by using the search tools on Instagram. 

Most of them would be willing to wear your clothes as models and promote them on their accounts in return for a fee or commission on sales.

You can open your online store today to sell the yoga leggings shown in the image above through  Oberlo – these are trending items that convert very well for Shopify merchants. This simple design is available in four different colors, which you can offer to your customers. 

Conclusion: What to sell online in 2021

So, are you still wondering what to sell in 2021?

We have certainly brought you some of the best products for sale on the internet in 2021 and the list could be much longer.

Be aware, however, that finding an interesting product to sell online is only part of the equation. To be successful, you must be successful in promoting it effectively.

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