Zoom On Phantombuster, A Great Tool To Grow Your LinkedIn Network

It is essential today to increase the visibility of your activity and this in particular by increasing your LinkedIn network. To expand your network, you certainly use the method of sending invitations to well-targeted profiles or to a group of profiles corresponding to your potential customers or to the companies with whom you want to connect.

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We are going to present to you a tool that can help you go much faster to boost your LinkedIn network. Phantombuster is a SaaS scraping and automation platform: it provides you with Bots, according to your needs, to collect data from any website. In other words, if you see a piece of data that interests you on a site, Phantombuster is able to collect it, store it, format it (excel, csv, etc.) and automate the collection with the recurrence of your choice.

The team of the young start-up Phantombuster has developed an API to send invitations to a list of targeted profiles on your LinkedIn network. We will therefore present to you in detail the use of this tool.

Let’s use Phantombuster to mass invite LinkedIn contacts

Thanks to Phantombuster, we can automate the sending of invitations to share its network. For this the API will work:

  • from a Google Spreadsheet prepared by you,
  • thanks to your LinkedIn connection cookie,
  • and from a message that will accompany your invitation.

1. Fill out the Google SpreadSheet

table with 3 columns excel

It is a question of constituting a Google SpreadSheet with the list of profiles that you would like to invite into your network, and for which Phantombuster will automatically send invitations that can be personalized.

Fill in the Spreadsheet as follows:

  • column A: Put the LinkedIn URL links of the profiles you want to add to your network.
  • column B: type Phantombuster.com
  • column C: enter the position occupied by your profile

It is possible to automatically retrieve the list of profiles that correspond to a search with a tool like Dux Soup.

2. Obtain your LinkedIn connection cookie

Once the file is ready, you must have your LinkedIn connection cookie. To get your cookie, follow the instructions:

  • Via Google Chrome, sign in to your LinkedIn account. Go to your home page, right-click on the page and in the window that opens. Select “inspect”

right click, click inspect

  • Locate the “Application” tab and click.

the 7th Application Tab

  • Select “Cookies” from the left menu that has appeared

select Cookies in the left menu

  • Go to the LinkedIn cookie and click. In the table displayed opposite, go to the “Name” column and look for the “li_at” cookie

copy the value in front of "li_at"

  • Copy the value into the cell corresponding to the cookie.

3. The personalized message

Prepare the personalized message (optional but strongly recommended) that you want to send along with your invitation. The message must be written in quotes and contain a maximum of 300 characters.

example: “Hello # firstName #, I will be happy if we put our network together. / n See you soon on LinkedIn. ”

# firtsName # will be automatically replaced by the first name of the person you are sending the invitation to, / n is the newline, / n / n will insert a blank line in your message.

4. Start the script

You now have everything you need to launch the Phantombuster app.

Are the ingredients ready? Let’s apply the recipe:

  • Log in to Phantombuster and create a free account.
  • Go to the API store and select the “LinkedIn network Booster” Script
  • Click on “Use the API” 
  • Then click on “configure me”

click on "confirgure me"

  • Insert your LinkedIn cookie in the script on the first line between the quotes.
  • Insert the URL of your Google Spreadsheet on the second line between the quotes. Make sure the board is shared and editable.
  • Insert your personalized message on the third line between the quotes.

sample script

Your script is ready! You can launch your script by pressing launch.

You understand, if your table contains 100 Linkded in profiles, Phantombuster will send 100 invitations in less than 5 minutes to all these profiles.

You will just have to wait for these profiles to accept your invitation. You will then have access to the contact details of your targets via their profile on LinkedIn. 

Of course, the acceptance of targeted profiles to share their network will depend above all on the quality of your own LinkedIn profile. It will therefore be necessary to take care of the content of your profile to make you want to respond favorably to your invitations.

Phantombuster has other scripts to help you save time on your LinkedIn network, such as automatically accepting invitations by scheduling specific time slots or retrieving the list of profiles who liked a post.

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